This week I was looking at my schedule with my wife to see what upcoming things we needed to plan for and be aware of over the next few months.  Next month starts a crazy travel schedule for me while at the same time she heads full tilt into the busiest time of year for her company: wedding season! Yes, two entrepreneurs being married is at times chaotic. It’s often amusing to watch our family and friends chuckle at how we do our best to make it work. We are both constantly in motion and throw in four-kids to the mix, and you can guess there’s never a dull moment.

You’re a Professional Speaker: What the Hell is That?

The life of a professional speaker is odd. If I try to explain it at a dinner party, most people I meet for the first time think I’m either a nomadic writer like they’ve seen in Hollywood films or an undercover CIA agent. It’s unique, exotic and many have told me, a strange career path and not for the faint of heart. Yes, I travel a lot and much time is spent away from home in the service of others, often at the expense of my family.  I’m grateful that they’ve been fairly patient all these years as they don’t see me as much as they could if I worked in a more conventional job or business.

Let me be clear about a key thing: I’m not complaining for one second about doing what I do as a career path. I’m grateful that 12-years later after starting Mind Capture Group on a cold, chilly February day in 2005, that people still see value in what I do and pay me for what I truly enjoy doing. I’m often asked what drives me to keep hopping on planes, writing books, and coming up with programs to teach and share with others? There’s no simple answer. The best thing to describe what I do and why I do it, is a short video from a fellow peer in my industry, Larry Winget. I love his books, his work ethic, and no BS approach to life.

A Powerful and Real 2-Minute Video You Should Watch

I’ve shared the following video with many of my fellow speakers and clients over the years, as it really helps drive home a common theme within all of us. I hope you enjoy it. Here’s the short, 2-minute video excerpt from one of Larry’s live talks titled, The Secret is Work: 


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