The next 90 seconds will help revolutionize your business, career, and income. Let’s face it, we live in a very skeptical world. People are deluged and surrounded by information and advertising messages all screaming to be seen or heard. I call this the battle for Mind Capture!


Think of it as simply the ability to stand out, get attention, and win new business in a world with too many choices and demands placed on people’s time. This has been the main topic of my teaching and writing for over a decade and it continues to only intensify in interest.

Most marketing messages are ignored because they fall into one of three categories:

  1. Targeted at the wrong prospects
  2. They are poorly written
  3. There is a lack of “evidence” or credibility in the eyes of the prospect
In this post I’ll look at the targeting challenge that plagues marketers big and small and some ideas on how to solve it.
Let’s say you had $500.00 to do a mailing or online promotion to ideal prospects that could best benefit from your product or service who would you go after? This should be pretty easy: those seeking and most likely to get the highest benefit from your offer.
Sounds simple right? Why then do the vast majority of businesses continue to complain about the lack of results from their direct marketing? It’s quite easy to figure out. They’re sending out marketing pieces to lists or groups that have no immediate need or interest in their company.
Every media has some degree of waste in it. Your goal is to continually filter this out and find the best matched targets to your offer. It’s that simple. How do you do this?

Five Quick Ways to Better Business-to-Business Lists

  1. Get lists from your local chamber of commerce or business associations
  2. Pull lists from the Internet or use targeted ads on Facebook
  3. Contact a list broker
  4. Identify key vertical markets that are a great fit and go after similar types of prospects
  5. Build an opt-in list of targeted prospects by offering a lead magnet (special report, guide, checklist or free trial) in exchange for their name and email address
This simple adjustment of locating better lists will save you hundreds and thousands of dollars in marketing costs.
Well, my 90 seconds is about up. I hope you enjoyed this week’s message and thanks again for letting me ‘Capture’ your mind!

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