It’s amazing the power that a good question can have on our thinking and way of looking at our present situation if it catches us at the right moment in time. This week I was preparing for a half-day training I was to lead and when the following thought crossed my mind: It’s amazing to me that most people don’t have a daily mental workout to help them stay positive and upbeat. I mention this because it’s common to get into routines for our job or business related to daily activities that must be accomplished and then forget to take care of the most important thing which is our mental well-being.

One of the key discussion areas in my books, speaking programs, and with private clients is an up close look at the power of a positive mindset, how to get it, and several ways to maintain it on daily basis. In a world of massive distraction along with a mostly negative media, it can often times seem like a challenge to focus on ourselves and the good things around us and the goals we aspire to reach in the future.

I’ll cut to the chase and reveal five tips to strongly consider adding into your daily mental workout to help you enjoy the power and possibility that each new day brings.

#1. Create a gratitude list.

Write down what you are grateful. Keep it with you. Review it often. Read it daily. Update it as life changes. Give thanks. It’s a powerful and awesome habit!

#2. Read, watch or listen to something of a positive nature.

There’s no shortage of time. I believe it’s a shortage of focus on how we spend our time that’s the real issue. Take at least 15-30 minutes per day, and invest in positive inspiration to help your state of mind.

#3. Write down your top 1-year goals and review them daily.

Keep them with you at all times and review them when you wake up, during your lunch break, or before bed. The key is to make looking at them a daily habit. For example, I carry a laminated copy of my one-year goals in my planner. This way it can’t be lost, forgotten or ignored.

#4. Spend time each day in quiet reflection.

This is very hard to do sometimes. We’re a busy, ‘always on’ and connected society. You do have a choice though to shut off the phone, email, and others off from finding or interrupting you. Yes it takes work, patience, and confidence but it is worth it on so many fronts. The best ideas, insights, and breakthroughs often come when we’re relaxed and not stressed out.

#5. Take a walk and get some fresh air.

I know. It sounds too simple. We humans often have a tendency of making things much more complex than they often need be. Not only is walking a healthy habit for the body, but it often times is even more valuable for the mind. I know lots of folks, myself included, that swear by walking as it helps to clear the mental slate and often times helps to redirect our energy in a new and positive direction.

Thanks again for your time. I hope you enjoyed this post on the power of a positive mindset~!

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