You just never know when a learning moment will take place especially when you least expect it. I’m going to reveal just such an incident that not only was memorable, but also highly entertaining. I share this story in almost all of my “live” speaking programs and audiences love it.

It was 8-years years ago on a warm June morning and I was speaking on the phone with friend and fellow speaker Dave Sheffield. As the call progressed Dave could sense that I was a little edgy, and in a hurry. I didn’t even know I was being short with him but he tuned into it and was not about to let me get away with it.

I’ll never forget what he did next during the call, as it not only floored me, but also left a hugely positive impression on me. He asked me in a calm, even tone of voice, “Tony, did you wake up today and have a BOGA for breakfast?” Not knowing if I heard him properly, I asked him to repeat the question. After I processed the question the second time, I asked him what he meant. His answer was short, succinct and memorable. “Well, it sounds like you woke up today and had a bowl of grump a$# for breakfast.”

After the shock of his comment sunk in for a few seconds, I started to laugh uncontrollably on the phone. Not only did Dave’s wisdom –be it strange and maybe disturbing to some- break up my negative state of mind, but it taught me three quick things:

  1. Our attitude is picked up –good or bad- by others
  2. Good friends we’ll tell us what we sometimes really need to hear
  3. Laughter is a great way to cure what may be ailing you

I can’t thank Dave enough for not only his friendship the last 10+ years but for moments such as that fateful day a few years ago in early June when he enlightened and blessed me with the gift of wisdom and humor on a day when I truly needed it!

So here’s the question to ask yourself: what are you doing today to avoid the BOGA?

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