I get a lot of questions from clients, at events, and through social media related to the topic of public speaking. I’d like to quickly discuss the many benefits of using public speaking as a marketing strategy. I know this topic often scares and intimidates people initially, but I’ll do my best to ease your worries as to why you should take a closer look at the many benefits this powerful and learnable skill offers.

I often hear the following remark after giving a presentation, “Tony, you make it look so easy, I could never get up in front of a group and make a presentation”. I refuse to believe this statement because I’ve seen many amazing transformations.

Introverts and wallflowers who after a little practice, study, mentoring and confidence blossom into wonderful public speakers who use public speaking skills to advance their careers, earn promotions, win new business and stand out from their competition.

Here are a few ways to improve your speaking skills:

1. Join a local Toastmaster’s club near you – www.toastmasters.org
2. Practice, practice, practice
3. Start with small groups and work your way into larger audiences
4. Speak to local service clubs in your area
5. Study and model other successful speakers both in-person and watching the greats online

A few benefits you’ll receive when presenting to a group:
1. Instant perception that you are a leader
2. Credibility and confidence
3. More appointments from those who’ve seen you speak
4. New business from contacts made after your presentation
5. Free publicity and promotion via a groups newsletters, mailings, social media, and websites
6. Great way to reach many people at one time
7. Reputation as a trusted advisor and valued resource

There you have it. The upside of learning how to use effective public speaking skills in your business is amazing. It’s a learnable skill that can produce many dividends if you take action.

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