Yesterday was a fun and exciting day. The first full-talk based on the new book for a live audience was given! I have to admit that I was quite nervous. Yes, speaking and teaching are my passions and anytime you stretch and try something new, it’s natural to be a bit amped up. With this being an almost entirely new presentation it was a challenge from not only flow and timing, but also to make sure that the talk connected and shared several key takeaways. I believe the mission was accomplished and that the NEW talk will be well received in the coming months.


A huge thanks goes out to Arthur Shaw and Nels Jensen for the chance to speak to their business networking group, the Heart of Business, in lovely Coeur d’ Alene, Idaho yesterday. They worked around my schedule, packed the room with a great group, and treated me with the utmost respect and hospitality. What a fun, warm, and progressive group of business professionals they have attracted.


Here’s unsolicited feedback posted on Facebook last night from meeting host Nels Jensen:


“Tony did not disappoint. Each member attended with great expectation and Tony knocked it so far out of the park that we’re still reeling from the impact of his concepts. What a blessing to have such a dynamic trainer living among us. He was very real and easy on the ears, while painting an optimistic picture of value. If you missed Tony, you missed everything!


Stay tuned and keep an eye out for upcoming book tour dates coming this September as we begin the first leg of the book tour in the Midwest and with select business groups and associations ranging from Seattle, Washington to Ogunquit, Maine. Fire up the plane, as we’ll be traveling from coast-to-coast to share a powerful new message of leadership and inspiration!

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