Thank you Colorado


I was reflecting back on the last couple of weeks and wanted to take a minute to thank so many great people I met on the first leg of the U.S. Trailblazer Book tour a couple weeks ago in Colorado Springs and Aspen. The first rule of leadership in my opinion is to thank those who bring you to the party or in this case events. A BIG shout out and thanks to Jason Daniels and his team , along with Joe Tripoli and Toni Charlesworth at RE/MAX 4000 for their belief in my message and in particular, the NEW book on Trailblazer Leadership which I shared at both of these incredible events.


The people were amazing. The other speakers I met and shared the stage with were amazing, and of course the scenery in Colorado was amazing! One of my new found passions the past few years is hiking. When I get the unique opportunity to combine both work and play on the road it’s always a goal, if possible, to make this happen! The goal was achieved on my second day as I was blessed to take in the sites from Smugglers Ridge at 8800 feet overlooking the beautiful town of Aspen. It was stunning and something I will never forget.

Up Next: Spokane and Pullman, WA


The U.S Trailblazer book tour continues again the week of November 12th when I return to two of my favorite places: Spokane and Pullman, Washington for three speaking engagements.

November 14th finds me in Pullman, WA home of Washington State. I’ll have two opportunities to Capture Minds that day at lunch and with a rare evening session with the Pullman Young Professionals Organization (YPO). The lunch session is open to the public. See the link below:


November 15th I return to a place that is near and dear to me, Spokane, Washington to present for Rotary Club 21. This is the first of two trips I’ll be making into the area, as we plan to return in the spring of ’19 for several public dates in the area, along with select cities in Idaho and Montana on the U.S. Tour. We’ll post more updates here and on social media as we get more details the next couple of months.



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