Ten entrepreneurial souls made the commitment last week for 10 hours over two days to join us in Grand Haven, Michigan for a new adventure. That’s a serious investment of time, and I’m pleased to report that it was both life-changing and time well spent for all.

*The setting and weather were gorgeous.
*The group sharing and idea exchange was wonderful to be a part of.
*The goals of uplifting the body, mind, and spirit were fulfilled.
*The mission of a deep dive to share wisdom with other positive Hope Dealers looking to improve their lives and hold each other accountable was achieved.

To borrow from the legendary late night talk show host David Letterman, here is my quick “Top 10 List of Takeaways” from the Mind Capture Summer Mastermind Retreat:

#1: Letting go of the past and learning the positive lessons is key. It’s amazing how much valuable time and energy we give to events that we have no control over. Those uncontrollable events steal from our present and future life clock, and yet we often let the fear of what we can’t control go unchecked and drag on longer than should be allowed.

#2: Designing a better life isn’t always easy, but necessary. The pain of regret is real. Minimizing regret is why proper life design and taking action is both important and rewarding.

#3: You must watch and be vigilant of what you allow into your life. Yes, the combination of a healthy body, mind, and spirit is essential for greater happiness and results. We often take this for granted and downplay its significance.

#4: Getting selfish about your own happiness is not a crime, but a necessity in the sped-up, short attention span world we live in. Associations matter. Thoughts matter. What we choose to focus on matters. Habits matter. At the end of the day, we must focus on what truly drives and inspires us to live happier lives.

#5: Be open to reinvent and think bigger with your life. We often get too comfortable and play way too small. Why not expand the paradigm of what’s possible?

#6: Laugh more each day. Life is too short to be so serious about every little thing. We are all guilty of falling into ruts, at times thinking the world revolves around us. News flash: It’s a fun and unique tapestry of people on the planet living daily. Lots of variety and contrast keeps it interesting and often funny if we allow ourselves to view it from that perspective.

#7: Accountability in major areas of life is the key to achieving better results and satisfaction. When someone is counting on you, coaching you, and investing time to help you, you’ll often push and stretch beyond the limits of what you originally thought was possible.

#8: Positive people in a group setting helping each other improve is priceless. This retreat focused heavily on interaction, not lecturing. Each attendee was asked for and given advice in an open, safe, and honest environment. This is rare. One attendee said at the end of the event, “I didn’t hear a ‘yeah but…’ from anyone in this group the past two days.”

#9: Change is often tough, but necessary for growth. Far too many people get stuck in the rut of familiarity and boredom. They allow comfort to slowly creep in and eventually take over. They get soft. Predictable. Almost lifeless. This isn’t a judgement, just the reality for far too many people. Look around. So many people are just going through the motions of daily life. We often find that the best lessons come from a major life event we sought to change or had to unexpectedly deal with.

#10: Productive and positive habits make our life better. Sounds like common sense, but we rarely stop and assess how we can change our habits for the better. We spent a lot of time during this retreat on how to improve habits we want to keep and effective ways to eliminate ones we don’t want to keep.

We look forward to hosting an annual summer mastermind retreat from now on!

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