It’s almost that time again. As we approach the mid-way mark for 2016 and head into a busy Summer season, it’s once again time for my Annual Solitude Saturday. On this day I shut off communication and go dark from ALL social media and email from Saturday morning to Sunday at 12 noon. The #1 goal of taking a Solitude Saturday is to slow everything down and take a mental time out from the digital distraction (maybe addiction!) of communication to take a deliberate look at what matters most in my life.

Tomorrow on Saturday, June 11th, I will once again go dark and unplug from social media and the urge to call/text anyone from sunrise to sun down.

Here are the four areas I will spend time self-reflecting on:


#1. My ideal health plan for overall wellness and what it looks like.

#2. My ideal marriage and role as a father and what it looks like.

#3. My ideal view of God and giving back to others and what it looks like.

#4. My ideal business and what it looks like.


Here are three things you can do right away to make disconnecting and creating your own Solitude Saturday a reality within your own life:

*Mark a day on your calendar and hold to it

*Disconnect all distractions, if possible and go to a serene place/space that fosters peace, calm, and solitude

*Determine the core areas of life you’d like to focus your time self-reflecting on and get to it

I hope you follow my lead and take a day of solitude to calm your mind and better design your destiny. I think you’ll be amazed at how valuable and awakening this gift of self-reflection and focus can be to make your life even richer and more fulfilling.


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