Recently I went back and flipped through my third book in the series, Mind Capture: How to Awaken Your Entrepreneurial Genius in a Time of Great Economic Change. I noticed that three tips I wrote about near the end of the book seemed as fresh to me now as when I wrote them nearly a decade ago.

I hope these three tips to enhance your life journey inspire you and those you seek to positively influence.

#1. Learn something new each day.

The activities and list exercises you completed in this book should be reviewed each day to remind you of key areas of importance to focus on as you awaken and build your entrepreneurial genius. I strongly recommend getting and keeping an updated written journal that you carry with you always. This provides you the ability to capture, create and reflect upon the ideas and goals you seek to put in play and strive toward.

Here’s a great quote from the legendary UCLA basketball coach John Wooden as to the importance of learning:

“If I am through learning, I am through.”

#2. Look for the life lesson in each success or temporary setback you experience.

Self-reflection is a powerful talent and blessing from God to be utilized for wisdom, improvement and good. In a sped up digital world, slowing down and disconnecting at the end of the day or on the weekend to analyze and reflect upon the week is incredibly good to do. A major clue to why people experience either success or failure on a consistent basis in their own life is built upon how they view, monitor and reflect upon the lessons learned from the unique experiences of each day.

We must never forget in the midst of life’s complexities, ebbs and flows, that we all have a choice each day when we awaken: We can grow, adapt and keep learning from a combination of the past (wisdom) and present moment (improvement), or we can choose the path of apathy and a negative mindset to stifle our growth, talents and abilities to see the potential beauty and learning lessons that life brings us each day. Again, capturing the distinctions and lessons from our daily lives and writing them down is another reason that keeping a life journal is so incredibly valuable.

#3. Strive to pass on your wisdom, legacy and genius to others.

If someone would have told me 25-years ago, at the age of 21 and in college, that I’d be reading, learning, and writing at an even faster progression in my thirties and forties, I would have thought they were joking. Yes, time does give us the blessing of perspective, yet I mention my own learning experience and evolution from the factory floor to the board room for one key reason: You have unique wisdom, talents, stories and genius that can and should be shared with others. However, you must have the courage and passion to share it with others despite the naysayers.

There will never be another you. You are one-of-a-kind. Everything you’ve experienced is a lesson in disguise whether you know it or not. Take a deep breath, smile and realize that you’re a miracle. Let no one else attempt to sabotage or fool you into thinking otherwise.

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