We Live in an Instant Everything World!

Let’s face it, we live in an ‘instant everything’ world. From microwaves that cook our food, text messages, and same day shipping we are an impatient society. I find this same parallel when it comes to the topic of referrals. In all of my presentations with audiences when I ask the question, “How many of you like referrals?” every hand in the room immediately goes up.

Here’s why I know why everyone likes referrals: it beats cold calling. With this in mind, let me reveal three simple, yet often overlooked ways, to get more referrals for any business or organization.

#1: Ask for referrals daily.

Every time we work with or hear from a happy customer we should be thinking, who else can they take me to that I can help? This is just plain common sense. A happy customer, when properly asked, will many times know other people just like them in their circle of influence that they can introduce us to. Yes, the old adage, “birds of a feather, flock together” is a perfect parallel.

The scenario: A client calls us and thanks us for the work we’ve done.

Here’s a great example of how to leverage this positive experience, serve more people and ask for more referrals. Let’s say that we offer insurance services.

You can take this strategy, quickly modify it and start using it now:

“Thank you _____ for the call, I appreciate you and your comments greatly. While I’ve got you for a quick second, can I ask a quick question? Who are a couple of folks you might introduce me to that you really respect that I might be able to help like we did for you?”

Some of you might be thinking: that easy? Yes, here’s the biggest challenge: asking for referrals on a daily basis.

#2: Have a Strategy.

Most people have no formal referral plan in place. They wing it, and simply take referrals for granted. They miss out on a fortune, because they see only the initial transaction with a client, then wait for them to come back. This is reactionary and foolish. People are busy. They have lots of choices. Time and attention are always a premium.

Here’s the best way to increase referrals: ask daily for them and always make it a goal to know about your customer and who they associate with. This is super easy in the age of social media and websites.

#3: Get active and be seen.

One of the smartest ways to get referrals is to join your best customers’ associations or trade groups. That’s the first step. Next, you need to step it up and become active within the group. Attend the trade shows. Sponsor an event. Get on one of the committee’s and make things happen.

Out of sight is out of mind. I can bet you that some of your top competitors employ this strategy and receive a ton of referrals by using it. What are you waiting for? Do you want more referrals or not. Get to it!

About the author: Tony Rubleski is the President of Mind Capture Group. For daily updates and tips follow him at: Facebook.com/trubleski. For feedback or suggestions or he can be reached via email: Tony@MindCaptureGroup.com.

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