I was on a flight recently and had a revelation hit me while glancing out the window at 36,000 feet. I’m always amazed at the power of words and in particular, three of them which hold such special meaning that I’ve labeled them as ‘Magic Words.’

I see such value in these three words that I’ve done my best to brainwash all four of my kids since they could walk and talk to use them often and daily when dealing with others. When they hear me say, “Magic words”, they sometimes roll their eyes with that look that says, I – know – dad! As you’ll soon discover, it’s not to annoy them, but to remind them of a habit that will serve them well, should they choose to use it.

Here are the magic words: please and thank you.

I know this may sound simple, but here are five deep down lessons I hope the kids take away by dad’s insistence upon using these magic words daily:

1. Always be thankful
2. Kindness is an option, choose to exercise it verbally each day
3. Be appreciative when others help or assist you
4. Step back and realize that you can’t always do everything on your own
5. Good manners and being positive make life easier and more enjoyable

I encourage you to use ‘magic words’ daily as well. Let’s face it: life is busy and we often times take people and the things they do to help or assist us for granted. Words are important. Giving thanks is not only a blessing, but it also reminds us that kindness and goodness is always around us if we choose to slow down, look for it, and recognize it when it happens.


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