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The 10th Annual Mind Capture Bootcamp is officially in the books. Thank you again to ALL our attendees, world-class faculty, and sponsors for making this year’s event the biggest and, from what many alumni are telling us, the BEST one yet!

I’m delighted to report that the Grand Rapids event was not only fun, but valuable on many levels for everyone who attended. Lives were changed, minds and hearts were captured, resources were shared, and new friendships were made. The feedback we’ve received from both attendees and faculty has been incredible.

Here are my Big 3 Bootcamp Takeaways from this year’s 10th Annual Mind Capture Bootcamp:

#1: To Go it Alone in Life & Business is Not a Wise Strategy
The adage that two heads are better than one is a powerful statement that most people have heard before, yet often treat lightly. We all face challenges in life, relationships, health, communication with others, and especially in business. This year’s Mastermind component in the afternoon was once again electric and an overwhelming favorite of attendees.

I meet with so many businesses and salespeople who still take a renegade approach to seeking wise counsel from others who might be of benefit to them. They attempt to go it alone. I shake my head and think, Wow! There is such an easier and smarter way to approach the game of business. In today’s highly-networked and collaborative world, it’s not only a smart idea to seek like minds who support you, but it’s also extremely dangerous to go it alone. The last 19 months of the global pandemic have shown that everything thing can change, whether you like it or not, in an instant.

Without challenge, imagine how boring life would be. One of the biggest issues most people face when confronted with a major challenge or crisis is to step back from the situation, humble themselves, and seek out others for solid advice and help. I can tell you from personal experience that this is where having a “Navy Seal” team of positive, solution-driven people to assist and call upon is invaluable! The room was full of Go-Givers ready to jump in and help one another.

#2: Live Events are Back & Powerful
We had our best turnout ever and to see people laughing, connecting, and sharing ideas in a group setting was wonderful to witness. Yes, as I’ve stated many times in media interviews and during the event that humans are built for social connection, not distance. More people are ready to get moving again and done with the excessive fear-peddling, division, and the pandemic.

The amount of networking and introductions was incredible this year. In addition, our attendees had full access to our faculty. This is rare and cannot be replicated on a Zoom call. Like other past events, the number of new friendships and business deals that have already happened is inspiring and will continue long after last week’s event. This is another reason why alumni return year after year to join us.

#3: A Positive Mindset is a Rare & Attracts Opportunities
Every presenter hammered home the power in being upbeat and positivity-focused, especially now. Yes, the world is being hammered with fear. However, each day only we can decide our mindset, no one else. Several sessions hit on habits and why programming the mind with gratitude, positive associations, and habits is vital to business and personal growth. Most people are addicted to fear. They play it far too safe. They give up their personal power to other people’s opinions, the media, peers, and what they allow to get in their head on a daily basis.

Here are my five favorite ways to maintain a positive attitude:

  1. Stay in physical shape by getting outside and hitting the gym
  2. Read and listen to positive books and podcasts
  3. Write down daily what I’m grateful for in life
  4. Laugh several times per day to increase overall happiness and mood
  5. Use music as a proven tool to elevate my mood and mindset for the better

So, there you have it. My three big takeaways from this year’s 10th Annual Mind Capture Bootcamp.

Save the date for next year’s 11th annual event, which will be held on November 10, 2022. Our host city and further event details will coming in early 20

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