I was awakened a couple week’s ago with a text at 5:30 AM that a friend, colleague, and agent of positive change Tom “Too Tall” Cunningham had passed away in Toronto. I must admit besides being shocked, that I was also deep down happy that the physical pain that was with him every day of his life was now gone. With his strong belief in God, I was also comforted by the fact that I know he is heaven and that his life-long battle with rheumatoid arthritis is over.

Tom may have only been 4’ 11” but his positive attitude and faith in others made him a giant among men. You take the stage when you make a difference. I was blessed to know him and have him speak at two of my events including The Think & Grow Rich Summit back in 2013 -see photo- and most recently in October at the Mind Capture Boot camp in late 2016. Tom was always upbeat, and audience loved his story and can-do attitude even when his body was riddled with incredible pain.

I went to his website and found that Tom had posted up on his blog, his life’s purpose.

Here’s what he shared:

My life’s Purpose is to be an Encourager to as many people as possible.

That is being accomplished in numerous ways including online, social media, speaking, books, audiobooks, podcasts, speaking, coaching, and in person.

I am generous in sharing my time, money, and knowledge because I must help others get what they want before I can receive what I want.

I earn more than $200,000 annually from various revenue streams.

I encourage people to invest in themselves by purchasing, and reading Think and Grow Rich and other personal development books, attending seminars, courses and events, and listening to audio programs.

I speak around the world.

I communicate and spend time with other positive, motivated, generous people.

I point people to Jesus by sharing my faith through the example of my life.

Since God has created me for this purpose, I will pursue it with all my heart, mind, and soul, until I die.

He was a big fan of my books and I was a fan of his online radio program and subsequent book series, Journeys to Success. For this week’s book review I’ll share more about this incredible series and how to order copies if interested. As the news still sinks in of his passing I encourage you to remember that EVERY day is a gift and to also pick up the phone or send a message to the people that mean the most to you. You just never know when that unexpected 5:30am phone call may come.

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