Of late I have been noticing that many readers and friends of mine in the speaking industry have been mentioning to me in phone calls and messages that that they really enjoy my third book in the series, Mind Capture: How to Awaken Your Entrepreneurial Genius in a Time of Great Economic Change. The book was written in early 2010 and released a year later in February of 2011. This book was a marked shift into the power of a positive mindset where as my first two books focused heavily on specific marketing and sales strategies to attract both attention and new business.

As I was reviewing the book a couple of weeks ago on a flight I came across a helpful checklist from chapter two that I felt worth sharing in this week’s main message. It’s just as relevant now as when I originally wrote it six years ago.

Here are the Ten Mind Capture Marketing Commandments.

Thou shall give thanks each day to your customers who provide income and employment   

Thou shall know that marketing is the oxygen of every growing organization 

Thou shall customize your messages to connect and engage prospects and customers 

Thou shall understand that complacency in marketing = slow death 

Thou shall seek out wise books, seminars, associations and mastermind partners to learn new wisdom and ideas to stay ahead

Thou shall understand that ‘hope’ is not a marketing strategy 

Thou shall communicate and educate key customers, prospects and referral partners on a consistent basis 

Thou shall employ and use fun and humor to avoid the #1 sin in marketing: being boring 

Thou shall not whine and complain about the economy, but seek to find solutions and add more value to their current product or service 

Thou shall track all sacred leads by asking “How did you hear about us?”

©2016 Tony Rubleski


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