I love a book that when you read its title. With Tapping the Iceberg, you know exactly what’s in store. I read a lot. It’s my passion and profession all wrapped into one. This week’s book selection is from Canadian speaker and business consultant Tim Cork and it deliver’s great wisdom and strategies in a quick, hard-hitting fashion.

Cork’s well-written book is also chock full of great quotes –yes, another passion of mine- and it also full of simple, yet instructive, action plans that the reader can use or add to their current success repertoire. Again, this book surprised me on many fronts and also served as a valuable reminder of what’s important in life.

Under the Cover

Here are just a few of the key points you’ll discover in the pages of Tapping the Iceberg:

  • Why a positive attitude and belief are of massive importance to success
  • The lessons that short-term setbacks and failure teach us all
  • Why habits are the secret to the goal-setting process
  • The power of mentors and sharing wisdom with others
  • How to handle and use fear to your advantage when dealing with challenge


Here’s a great quote from the book:

“Your attitude is the first thing people notice about you when you walk into a room. You have fewer than ten seconds to create a positive first impression.” – Tim Cork

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