Tony Note: In anticipation of the upcoming release this Monday on 10-16-17, I wanted to share a partial excerpt from Chapter 2, from the forthcoming anniversary edition of the book: Mind Capture: How to Awaken Your Entrepreneurial Genius in a Time of Great Economic Change.

Here’s a helpful list I’ve created to aid and keep you on track when it comes to looking at the importance of marketing.


Thou shall give thanks each day to your customers who provide income and employment

Thou shall know that marketing is the oxygen of every growing organization

Thou shall customize your messages to connect and engage prospects and customers

Thou shall understand that complacency in marketing = slow death

Thou shall seek out wise books, seminars, associations and mastermind partners to learn new wisdom and ideas to stay ahead

Thou shall understand that ‘hope’ is not a marketing strategy

Thou shall communicate with and educate key customers, prospects and referral partners on a consistent basis

Thou shall employ and use fun and humor to avoid the #1 sin in marketing: being boring

Thou shall not whine and complain about the economy, but seek to find solutions and add more value to your current product or service

Thou shall track all sacred leads by asking “How did you hear about us?”


Now, let’s move into chapter three where the battle we all wage within our minds, called self-talk, is in full swing by looking under the microscope at how it positively or negatively influences and shapes our view of the world. We’ll see if you’re tough enough to press on in achieving your goals or if you’ll resign your fate to giving up at the first sign of resistance. This is where the true boot camp to build a stronger mind begins.


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