The shift is happening and at an accelerating rate. I see it around the world and many still refuse to believe what I’m about to say. Whether you like it or not, we are ALL in sales. This was once again made clear before my eyes when I spoke to a growing Michigan based company last week on not just this topic, but the power of follow up and referrals.

Now, I must add that this was the entire firm of about 100 people with many being full-time in the accounting industry holding designations of CPA. Not only were they open to hear the message I shared, but I could tell that many of them came around after being a bit skeptical at first as to why getting good at sales is such a big deal.

I speak to lots of groups, covering lots of diverse industries and I’m seeing much more of a demand from the traditional “professions” on the topic of sales training.

Why is this happening?

It’s a great question and here are a few reasons why I believe it’s taking place:

*Increased competition
*The breakdown of client loyalty in comparison to the ‘good old days’
*Additional services are now being introduced to add value and need to be explained (aka: sold)
*The cost of new customer acquisition in both marketing dollars and time keeps increasing
*Most of the major professions (Medicine, law, and accounting) do little if any training on it

So, here’s a great point to remember: we’re ALL in sales these days. There’s nothing wrong with it. It’s how the economy and ideas move and spread. It’s how you choose to look at sales as it relates to your life and business that matters most.

If your organization is looking for a fresh shot in the arm to crank up sales in 2017, please email Jolene on our team with more information on sales training programs I offer to both companies and associations. Please put in the Subject line: Sales Training. She can be reached via email: Speaking@MindCaptureGroup.com.

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