We are off and running! Many people have already registered from cities such as Salt Lake, Spokane, Dallas, to Chicago, NYC, Nashville and Toronto. Will I see you along with these other success-minded attendees and our expert faculty of speakers?

A special “VIP – Early Bird” invitation from Bestselling Author, Tony Rubleski, President of Mind Capture Group for a select group of VIP’s, clients, and past Boot camp alumni only to save the date now and reserve your spot immediately for the 6th Annual Mind Capture Bootcamp to be held this October 13 & 14th, 2016 in Grand Rapids, Michigan! 

Discover Proven Ways to Attract Better Clients, More Referrals, Free Up More of Your Valuable Time and Renew Both Your Life and Business in a Unique Event with Other Like-Minded High Achievers.

Deadline: 50% OFF REGISTRATION – Limit *2 tickets per person

*We are making a special 50% off early-bird registration rate available for select fans of Mind Capture and eletter subscribers only – limit 2 tickets per person. The special code upon checkout is “mindcapture” For more information or to register visit: MindCaptureBootcamp.com

Here’s a quick look at the topics from this year’s hand-picked Faculty of Guest Speakers

Brad Szollose – How to Manage, Market to and Win the Minds of the Millennial Generation. In this dynamic session, you will discover how this influential age group is changing the workforce and how products are bought and sold. You can no longer ignore this group and Brad will show you how to get into their minds.

Brian Vander Ark – Rags to Rockstar: LEAVE YOUR BAGGAGE BEHIND. In this session, platinum recording artist, Brian Vander Ark shares how sometimes in life or your business, one must get rid of their biggest weakness in order to succeed. ‘Leave Your Baggage Behind’ speaks to just that. Growth and success is more about moving forward and not looking back.

Cynthia Kay – Small Business for Big Thinkers. In this session, Cynthia shares her real-world success stories and strategies.  Not only will this session be a powerful tuneup for the mind, Cynthia will also teach you key techniques to attract and win bigger clients. Based on her over twenty-five plus years as a successful business owner, she will also reveal ways to grow from a small business thinker to a big business thinker.

CJ Ortiz – How to Build a Unique Brand Using the Power of Social Media. In this dynamic session, heavy metal fan CJ Ortiz will share how he reaches hundreds of thousands of people via his articles, postcards, status updates, and videos using Social Media and other media channels. You are in for a unique experience as many people describe his style as a cross between Tony Robbins and the rock group Metallica!

Tom Cunningham – The Power of Persistence and How to Never Give Up, Despite Crushing Setbacks. In this candid session bestselling author and Napoleon Hill Foundation Certified Instructor, Tom “Too Tall” Cunningham will share his secret to success, Persistence and Never Giving Up. Tom has skillfully applied Napoleon Hill’s Success principles since the age of five, when diagnosed with Juvenile Rheumatoid Arthritis. The affliction caused him severe range of motion restrictions. Daily doses of the oral steroid prednisone also stunted his growth. Tom stands a mighty 5 feet one inch tall! Tom will share his life-long passion for and practical application of Napoleon Hill’s Success Principles and it is an honor to have him present.

Tony Rubleski – The Mind Capture System Revealed & Why It’s More Important Than Ever in an Age of 9-Second Attention Spans. In this session with Tony he will provide a rare look at why the 4 Pillars that make of the Mind Capture System -Marketing, Mindset, Authenticity, and Implementation- are important to not just getting Mind Capture, but long-term growth and profits. Based on his work with current and highly successful clients and international bestselling book series, he will also share several proven ways to stand out in the age of dwindling attention spans. He will also share battle-tested updates on his favorite way to grow any business: referral marketing.

Paul Guyon – How to Implement Systems in Your Business Even Though You are Moving at Warp Speed. In this session, Paul shares his most effective ways to implement technology and systems, that have immediate and lasting impact on your business’s ability to grow and profit. He will explain how to make massive changes while keeping the trains on time, the 5 advantages of creating systems for your business and the shocking truth of how to free up 20 hours per week to get more done.

For more information or to register visit: MindCaptureBootcamp.com

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