Two weeks ago I had the rare opportunity to spend a full-day training on one of my favorite topics: effective sales. In this deep dive session held in Spokane, Washington the intimate group of 15 folks dug into what top sales people do differently ranging from mindset, habits, to time management and specific strategies.

One of the highlights from our full-day together was the topic of getting Mind Capture and more specifically, getting appointments with hard to reach decision makers. This is a universal challenge for three main reasons:

#1: People are busier and more distracted than ever

#2: Getting and keeping attention is the biggest challenge in all of marketing

#3: We are naturally selfish with our time and dislike it when people abuse or misuse it

So, with that all being said, how do we press on, stand out from the sea of distraction and get appointments? There’s no simple answer. No magic bullet. However, there are two strategies that I use within my own business and share with clients that are known to work almost every time when it comes to getting attention with hard to reach decision makers. In respect of time and detail I will cover the first strategy and look at the second strategy in a future blog post.

The two strategies for getting the attention of hard to reach prospects include:

  1. The use of grabbers
  2. The 3 x 24 message technique

Let’s take a quick look at the first strategy of using grabbers. I have written, taught and used this strategy for over a decade and it’s still my favorite way to get Mind Capture with hard to reach decision makers. So, let me pull from the vault and my first book in the Mind Capture series for a brief and concise explanation.

One of the most powerful ways to pump up any sales letter, direct mail package, or follow packet to a qualified lead is via the use of “grabbers”. Grabbers are simply objects you attach or include with a sales letter or information packet designed to help your information get noticed by today’s super busy and easily distracted prospect.

The three main reasons for using them in your marketing:

1.)   To stand out and gain attention from all the other mail, texts, emails and communications that cross your prospect’s desk.

2.)   To help differentiate you from the competition. They help tie into the opening of your letter or information packet as to what products or services you provide.

3.)   People remember them. As time starved as people are today you must be thinking “outside-the-box” to get your information looked at or even noticed.

Seven Examples of Attention Getting Grabbers and Suggested Opening Greetings

#1. Coin Grabber.  “Dear Joe: As you can see, I’ve attached a coin to the top of this letter.  Why did I do this? Two reasons. First, to attract your attention to this letter. Secondly, because what I’d like to share with you concerns how you can make more money (save money) for your business by using XYZ…”

#2. Dice Grabber. “Don’t Gamble with your next (mortgage, realtor, auto purchase, etc.)…”

#3. Playing Card (Ex. King/Queen card). “We treat our customers like royalty. Here are 5 reasons you should use ABC rentals for your next…”

#4. Red Envelope. This can be used to grab someone’s attention because it’s not your typical boring, white business envelope. Hand address the outside of the envelope and use a live stamp (avoid meter mail postage) for maximum effectiveness.

#5. DVD. If you have client testimonials or video of your services in action, use this when following up with qualified prospects.  A good video sent out with your printed information is a powerful 1, 2 punch.

#6. Plastic handcuffs. “Have you been handcuffed in the past by poor service, or lack of choices? We can help…”

#7. Shredded money. “Tired of spending money on office supplies that seem to cost a small fortune? At Tony’s Office Products we can…”

The use of grabbers is critical to help you differentiate your marketing message from the sea of competing offers.  Busy prospects and key decision-makers are inundated with tons of sales pitches and offers. A well thought out and executed grabber mailing will increase your odds of getting noticed and being remembered.

Use the seven grabber examples listed above to give you a jump start and get your grabber into play and mailed out to your key prospect. These are all quite cost effective and easy to implement within your current marketing.

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