This week we celebrated the 4th of July national holiday here in the U.S. It’s one of my favorite holidays and here’s why: it reminds me that I am blessed to live in a country where freedom of expression is not only allowed, but encouraged. I never take this blessing for granted.

I hope this week’s message not only inspires you, but also serves as a powerful reminder that many people paid the ultimate price during the early days of the Revolutionary War in the 1770’s, but many more still serve in the armed forces to this very day both here and abroad to ensure that the liberty we hold so dearly can continue to live on.

Millions of people across the globe still struggle each day to escape tyranny and achieve the sacred goal of liberty. Yes, in many places speaking your mind can quickly result in either imprisonment or death. Growing up in America it’s easy to brush off this reality as we are fortunate to live in a free society which also believes in laws and representation to keep the possibility of government censorship in check and to ensure that the citizenry can speak their mind without fear.

So as we enjoy the many 4th of July celebrations this week I want to send a final note of thanks to all active and past members of the U.S. armed forces. This is a tough job as the sacrifices they and their families make are truly awe-inspiring. While freedom may be alive and well, it must never be assumed that it is free and comes without a price.

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