So You Want to Write a Book – How to Get Off Your A$$ And Make it Happen [PRINT VERSION]


Discover how to get that book done you started or have thought about starting for years by utilizing the gems shared by best-selling author Tony Rubleski.

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Plus 3 Timely FREE Book Release Bonuses:

  • Ebook copy of Tony’s 1st book – “MIND Capture: How to Generate New & Repeat Business in the Age of Advertising Overload” The book that started it all 16-years ago. The battle for attention is real and continues to increase. Tony shares how to stand out in a 9-second span attention world. Endorsed by many prominent names ranging from Brian Tracy to direct marketing legend, Dan Kennedy, it’s the foundational book to his teaching and trainings worldwide.  

Value: $17.95

  • Ebook copy of Tony’s 3rd book in the series, Mind Capture: How to Awaken Your Entrepreneurial Genius in a Time of Great Economic Change. The book that started it all. A look at how to stand out and tune up your mind in an age of 9-second attention spans.

Value: $20.00

  • Invitation to join Tony on a special behind-the-curtain look at additional ways to write and get your book done this year. This special “book buyer only” thank you “LIVE” video will take place on Friday, May 15th at 1pm EST. It will also be recorded if you can’t join us.

Value: $99.00


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