Tony Note: It’s been a crazy last 2-weeks in my life on multiple fronts. I went back through the Mind Capture archives and found an article that spoke to me loud and clear, just as when I originally wrote it back in 2013. I hope you take away a nugget or two.

It sounds cliché, but there is great freedom in adopting the philosophy of living in the now or the present moment. There is great power in Now. For example, many people push off the topic of mortality, and foolishly believe that they are certain to live a long life into their 80’s or 90’s. Not that this is bad. But, life does sometimes come crashing in with a curve ball or an unforeseen crisis when we least expect it.  We often think that a major life change or tragedy isn’t in our busy day planner, but rather in someone else’s.

Here’s a unique set of questions I’d like to propose that you seriously consider:

I believe it’s time for each of us to pull greater insight and joy from each day, and not simply just get through it. Too many people assume blindly that in 10-years it will all be okay. What if that day never comes? What if you accidentally pass away in 10-days, or drop dead from a heart attack in the next 2-hours? 2-days? 2-months? Would your spirit cry out with regret, because you took each day for granted? I hope these questions awakened you, maybe even pissed you off or got you to really slow down and think. It may be the exact wakeup call that you needed in our busy, sped up, cell-phone driven world, where stress is high and self reflection is low on the scale of importance.

Yes, Adversity Can Be Lurking Around the Corner – No is Immune from It

Look, tragedies can happen to any of us even when we do our level best to avoid and insure against it. I’m not being negative, but just pointing out the obvious to those who are living in a coma called habit, denial or monotony.

The Power of Taking Inventory on Your Own Life

Often, when we slow down and take a closer look at things, clarity becomes a real blessing. The last few days alone in my own life I’ve been forced to do this. It hasn’t been easy. It’s been eye-opening, but damn it’s been worth it. I recommend you take out a journal or note pad and assess your life in the following areas: spiritual, family, financial, and fitness. We are works in progress and when you step back and look at these four areas you are often bound to find areas of strength and areas that need much needed, and often times overdue, improvement and attention.

Thank you again for the gift of your time and attention~



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