I am blessed to meet a lot of great people in my profession. Be it in small groups or when I address a group of several hundred at a time, it never ceases to amaze me the stories and brilliance that is contained within each of us.

If I had to strip it down to one key thing that all successful businesses share, I would say it comes down to this simple strategy: they continually invest in their people. If you look around at many of the world’s most successful firms you’ll often note that they have great products, services, and brands that are recognized and respected. However, if you dig below the surface, the ingredient that’s easily overlooked is that they have a culture built on life-long learning and training. They know their success is built on continual innovation and harnessing the ideas and talents of their people.

So, what’s my point here? It’s simple: hire great people and encourage them to keep growing and sharing their contributions. Provide opportunities for them to keep improving and sharing their best ideas with the team each day.

I’m passionate about the topic of training in my own life and business. This is the #1 reason why I’m often brought into speak and help others. The client believes in their people. They foster new ideas and strongly encourage their team to keep moving forward and avoid the temptation to get comfortable. They know that current success is not always a given in the future so they continually look for ways to innovate and keep their people engaged. Often, I’m the gasoline poured onto an already well-lit fire to stoke the powerful flames of learning and growth that’s already in place. I am grateful for this opportunity which I don’t take lightly.

As we approach Thanksgiving, let me thank and commend you again for not only a successful 2016, but also for reading these words. For some it’s the first time, for many of you, you’ve been reading my weekly messages, blogs and books for years. You continue to bless me with the two most valuable gifts of all: your attention and time. For that, I am indeed a rich man!

Cheers and Happy Thanksgiving to you!


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