Introducing my latest book: Journeys to Success. Some friends and I are about to release an amazing new book, Journeys to Success: 20 Empowering Stories Inspired by the Success Principles of Napoleon Hill on Sunday, August 7th, 2016.  It is a compilation book from 20+ co-authors from 7 countries who share their experiences and the influence of the teachings of Napoleon Hill.

Book Details

Have you ever wished you could do something amazing with your life?

Do you give up on your dreams for a sense of overwhelm from infinite demands and distractions?

Are you trapped feeling like your time and resources are limited?

These thoughts and feelings happen to very particular people, those with a burning desire to make their lives more meaningful and successful.

There is hope for you to overcome whatever is keeping you back from reaching your goals. This book will help you find the courage to keep moving forward despite challenges, criticism and setbacks. And what you will find is that often the bigger your obstacles are, the greater is your calling!

This volume of Journeys to Success: Napoleon Hill Inspired Stories is the second in what has become a best selling series of books co-authored by people from all walks of life and many countries. The co-authors of this edition open up to share how they have used Napoleon Hill’s 17 Principles of Success in their lives to pursue their purpose and goals. Each one speaks about powerful, real life moments of transformation.

What Success Legend Bob Proctor Had to Say About the Book

We were very fortunate and blessed to have personal development legend and Napoleon Hill super fan Bob Proctor write the Foreword to the book. Here’s an excerpt of his thoughts on the value of this book:

“I’m a big fan of Napoleon Hill. For over 55-years his words have impacted me at a deep and profound level. Not a day goes by where I don’t use or share his wisdom in my life and with others throughout the world. As a speaker, author, consultant, coach and mentor in the personal development industry for over 40-years I can tell you that everyone has a story. Some are amazing, some are good, some are average, and far too many read like a tragedy full of lost dreams, lost hope and so much lost potential for good.

The book that you now hold in your hands or read on the screen is a book about decisions and choices. Each of the contributors in this book faced a major decision or crisis at some point or at multiple times within their life. Unlike the overwhelming majority of society that either quits or turn in the keys to their dream at the first sign of setback, they became the minority of individuals that pushed on and achieved success when few, even themselves, often doubted and believed it could even be possible. Their stories are memorable. Their journeys inspirational. Their positive influence on thousands of others is worth studying and applying within your own life.”

Ready to Learn More?

The book launches this Sunday, August 7th, 2016.  Send me an email with Subject Line: “New Book” to: Tony@MindCaptureGroup.com to get notifications and hear about the bonuses I have prepared for you.

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