How’s that for a compelling headline and endorsement of a new book?

I love books. Especially new ones that are uplifting and have a message of inspiration. I hit the jackpot a few weeks ago. At the end of the recently completed Mind Capture Boot camp a few weeks ago attendee, friend and fellow author Mark Gleason walked up and gave me a signed copy of his NEW book titled, A Compliment Filled World. I knew he was working on it, but I was super excited that he had it ready, and that I was also given an advance copy.

This book is beyond overdue for society as it serves as a perfect antidote to all the negativity and drama that far too many people focus on at home, in the work place, and especially online via social media. Mark is a serious student of personal development and mindset. In addition, he’s also a practitioner of the powerful wisdom and advice he throws down in the book. Having known him for many years this book comes from not only real-world use, but from a place of positive service to others.

In the book, Mark also shares:

*The staggering amount of thoughts we think each day and why we need to examine them closely

*His unique Compliment Challenge and how to start using it immediately

*How to shift most first impressions from worst impressions to positive expectation

*Why the words we think and speak are of such importance on our attitude and those we meet

*Why giving compliments daily is a powerful habit to create and add into your life

*How technology has made us less personal and how to get back to the power of human connection

*His unique Compliment Quiz to gage your level of engagement with other as it relates to complementing others

Here’s a great quote from page 59:

“Thinking back, we have all had those hidden angels in our deepest moments of despair. They offered shelter and praise. They listened as we floundered and shook. They did not show disrespect. They did not judge. They sincerely complimented what could yet be.”

-Mark Gleason         

I encourage you to jump over to Amazon right away and get a copy of this excellent and timely book. You’ll practice its wisdom when you call, email, or message me a compliment of thanks for reading and applying its powerful message!

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