In January of 2013 I shared with clients and readers of my weekly eletter and articles the direction I was taking Mind Capture Group as it related to key areas of focus related to services which we’d provide for coaching and corporate clients to help them achieve greater breakthroughs within their businesses and careers.

Recently, while discussing several of the successes our clients are currently experiencing with my business associate Paul Guyon, we felt it would be the perfect time to discuss the foundation we use based on the Mind Capture System.  We also felt it would be of value to you to also take a deeper look at each of the four pillars to share not only why they are important, but to also look at a few specific examples of how to use them within your own business.

The Four Pillars of the Mind Capture System include:

#1. Mindset

#2. Marketing

#3. Authenticity

#4. Implementation

In this post we’ll quickly take a look at the four pillars and why they’re important to focus on. In next week’s message I’ll take an up close look at area #1, Mindset, and share a few specific examples of how you can apply it to your business.

Now a quick look at each of the four pillars and why they’re important.

#1. Mindset. If a person’s mindset is flawed with negativity, the best idea is often doomed out of the gate. Self-sabotage is very real and something we must continually be on guard and defend against happening. It often goes by words such as fear, doubt, and criticism. Much of it is self-created with our own self-talk, while much of it swirls around us waiting to be picked up from those around us, on the Internet or from the media. It has a high chance to enter our minds unless we work daily and with focus to block it out, focus on our mission, and keep it at bay.

The late Zig Ziglar summed up why putting good things in your mind is so important with this brilliant quote:

“Of course motivation is not permanent. But then, neither is bathing; but it is something you should do on a regular basis.” 

#2. Marketing. If you had asked me a few years ago what would rank #1 in importance from these four, I would’ve easily said marketing and here’s why: most people dislike or choose to deny that they are engaged in the marketing profession. It’s a crowded world with lots of options and the biggest challenge, bar none, is getting people’s attention or Mind Capture.

If you have the best product, service, idea, cause, or company and people don’t know about it, you will eventually disappear. Marketing is an ongoing part of life at all levels and within all corridors of society. To study it, embrace it, and get good at it is a smart strategy indeed.

#3. Authenticity.  In an age where people distrust marketing and despise heavy handed sales tactics, proving that you, your company or organization is relevant, believable and can be trusted is of paramount importance. If you can capture the right prospect’s attention, the next vital step is to quickly establish maximum credibility as to why they should not only care, but continue to pay attention. In a world of instant everything and massive messages being thrown at us, this will continue to be a moving target and challenge.

In a few weeks when we discuss this third pillar, authenticity, in greater detail, we’ll look at various strategies to help you not only achieve and build authenticity, but effective ways to leverage it into more referrals, repeat business, and positive word-of-mouth within your industry.

Let’s go back to another famous quote from Zig Ziglar, “Facts tell and stories sell.” Being able to not only prove your case is key but delivering your story with passion also adds to its ability to connect, engage and capture the intended recipients mind.

#4. Implementation.  Yes, ideas are often a dime a dozen. Those that can implement ideas are truly much harder to find. The last decade I’ve noticed that the top firms I work with, observe or interview are excellent at taking action even when conditions are not perfect or convenient. This ready, fire, aim approach is often not understood by outsiders, but embraced by firms that get the idea into play sooner than later, or frankly risking that the idea will stall out or never get enough traction to reach its potential.

We’ll share several world class ways to make implementation not only achievable, but also several time saving tips to insure that your ideas not only get traction, but have a much better chance at succeeding over the long-haul.

In my next post we’ll look closely at the first pillar of the Mind Capture System, Mindset, and share a few examples of how you can apply it within your business.

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