Help me in Welcoming to Motown, Mr. C.J. Ortiz


We are turning the volume up extra loud in anticipation and to welcome C.J. Ortiz to the 8th Annual Mind Capture Bootcamp this October 10th & 11th at the MotorCity Casino in downtown Detroit, MI! As a fan/alumni attendee favorite, we know he will blow the roof off the MotorCity Casino with his wisdom, wit, and world-class session titled. C.J. rarely does public speaking events, so this a unique up close and personal opportunity to meet and hear him teach. His super timely session, Rockstar Branding Secrets to Successfully Stand Out in the Age of Facebook and Social Media, will have jaws dropping, but certainly leave the crowd floored and wanting an encore. I know for sure I’ll be listening closely and taking lots of notes when he’s in the front of the room.

Join Us October 10 & 11 in Detroit


Registrations are starting to pick up again with the kids back in school and the Summer days getting shorter, and the nights getting cooler. I highly encourage you to consider attending. The event grows year after year, the Faculty continue to raise the bar, and our attendees leave buzzing year-after-year. For more information or to register visit: https://mindcapturegroup.com/boot-camp-2019/

Trailblazer, Entrepreneur, and Teacher


For over 25+ years, CJ Ortiz has been consulting both individuals and organizations on achieving, improving, communicating, and packaging their visions. More often than not, the single greatest mistake that I see is that real “gold” is always left on the table. In other words, individuals and organizations are not leading with their most valuable assets. They suffer for it and some give up.

His website, brand, and weekly Facebook page Metal Motivation geared towards the heavy metal community has over 113,000 Likes on Facebook. Imagine Tony Robbins meets Metallica. He is not just an expert, but an incredible teacher on the topic of Facebook Marketing.

He loves people, especially someone with a dream, goal, or vision. It’s easy for him to become enthusiastic about what someone else is doing as he finds that the faith and conviction of an achiever activates his own abilities. He also brings over 25 years of self-employment wisdom to the table (Branding, Marketing, Design and Publishing) along with over 20 years experience as a professional speaker, coach, magazine editor and proud father to three amazing children.



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