You asked for it. We listened.

After the November 2020 Mind Capture Bootcamp, many of you reached out to me directly and asked two questions:

  1. How do we stay consistently motivated and fend off the negativity running rampant around us?
  2. Can you coach or work with me directly?

I thought about it for a few weeks and privately reached out to a few alumni to gauge interest. Based on the feedback, I made the decision in February to create a special two-day event unlike any I’ve ever offered before. I rarely do any one-to-one coaching anymore as we are busy with writing, live speaking events coming back, and hosting the annual Mind Capture Bootcamp with our team each November. This special event will dive deep into not just the power of the Master Mind, but it will also share specific ways to tune up your body, mind, and spirit to help you get more done while enjoying the process along the way.

Yes, I’m reaching out and cherry-picking alumni and key clients first as this is a small event by design. Several spots are already taken and we’re only accepting 20-25 people total, because we’re looking for a small group committed to expanding their minds and rolling up their sleeves to stretch and grow. We also want to stack the deck out of the gate with incredible Go-Givers willing to share their best practices and ideas with other like-minded folks.

By design, the Master Mind by the Big Lake is built on these three factors:

  1. Interactive. You will meet amazing people, some who are flying in, and only a few guest teachers will be presenting specific short sessions with no pitches allowed.
  2. Intimate. The event will be primarily outdoors and involve getting to know each attendee. We will do an up-close Master Mind for each attendee that will be intense and deeply rewarding.
  3. Intentional. We will be working on your business and why having a healthy body, mind, and spirit and working in tandem is the smartest path to career and life success in the post-COVID world we now find ourselves in.

The event will take place from 9am–4pm on Thursday June 10, and 9am-12pm on Friday, June 11 in Grand Haven, MI. A few areas we will be working on together:

  • Your biggest opportunity and challenge during the Master Mind portion of the day
  • An in-depth look at how to use positive pattern interrupts to optimize your productivity and peak energy cycles throughout the day
  • Your personal health including a look at your wellness habits, from movement to nutrition to stretching to stress relief to mindfulness
  • The power of deadlines and how to use them as fuel to get more done
  • How to supercharge your visualization and energy with movement and proper nutrition for clearer thinking and higher energy
  • How to let go of old limiting beliefs and patterns through gratitude and forgiveness
  • The lessons from the dying and how they teach the living to get after it and stop worrying
  • An in-depth look at the power of daily habits to help you stay consistent and focused on your key goals and projects


If you’re interested in joining us or have questions, please email Kelsey at:

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