A special “VIP – Early Bird” invitation from Bestselling Author, Tony Rubleski, President of Mind Capture Group for a select group of VIP’s, clients, and past Boot camp alumni only to save the date now and reserve your spot immediately for the 6th Annual Mind Capture Bootcamp to be held this October 13 & 14th, 2016 in Grand Rapids, Michigan! 

Discover Proven Ways to Attract Better Clients, More Referrals, Free Up More of Your Valuable Time and Renew Both Your Life and Business in a Unique Event with Other Like-Minded Nigh Achievers.

ACT NOW & SAVE 50% OFF REGISTRATION – Limit *2 tickets per person

*We are making a special 50% off early-bird registration rate available for select fans of Mind Capture and blog readers only – limit 2 tickets per person. The special code upon checkout is “mindcapture”

For more information or to register visit: MindCaptureBootcamp.com

You are invited to the 6th Annual ‘Mind Capture’ Marketing & Mindset Boot Camp this Fall! This powerful, up-close and intimate marketing, networking, and mastermind event will also help inspire and motivate you to:

  • Renew and energize your mindset so that it acts like a super-magnet towards your goals
  • Look at your business with fresh possibilities and in a totally new light
  • Unlock and learn several proven ways to reach and connect with busy, or difficult prospects and decision-makers
  • Discover how to get more done than you ever thought possible by eliminating time-sucking vampires that chew up time and energy
  • Learn key marketing and referral strategies to apply immediately into your business to help increase profits
  • Learn the latest methods for building trust and social proof in your industry to clearly position yourself with expert status and get Mind Capture
  • Meet a unique “inner-circle” of like-minded people who will help you succeed, share resources and bottom line; hold you accountable


“…only half way through and I’ve already taken away four big ideas… Each idea in itself as more than paid for the boot camp. So now I’m four times over…and it’s been very powerful…some super, super people here.” –Scott Seifferlein, Grand Rapids Golf Lessons, Grand Rapids, Michigan

“What an amazing event… The clarity, the collaboration, the power of everybody who’s here to solely dedicate themselves to helping everybody figure out their own problems as well as find some very positive solutions to whatever their life circumstances might be in business… unbelievably valuable… Easily, easily could charge $10,000, $20,000 for the value that we have found in this room in the last 48 hours…”-Dave “The Shef” Sheffield, Port Byron, Illinois

For more information or to register visit: MindCaptureBootcamp.com


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