Many of you enjoy the daily Mind Nuggets which I share on Facebook and I’m continually asked, “Tony, what books are your reading or do you recommend?” To help answer the question, save you time and encourage you in your quest for life-long learning, here’s this week’s featured recommended read.

Mach II with Your Hair on Fire – The Art of Vision & Self-Motivation by Richard Bliss Brooke. I met Richard a couple of weeks ago at his office. After catching up about our love for personal development he handed me a stack of his books and audio CD’s from his illustrious career in the direct sales industry. One book, in particular, stuck out as not only did I love the title but the star-studded endorsements from many of my peers in the industry also captured my attention.

In this compact and powerful book, Richard shares his story of going from working in a chick slaughterhouse to becoming a successful multi-millionaire entrepreneur. What I enjoyed most about the beginning of the book is how he shared the many doubts and fears he had to overcome to make this quantum leap in not just income, but the mental reprogramming needed to make it a reality.

I’ve read a lot of books on personal development the last 20-years and here’s another reason to pick up a copy of this book: he cuts to the chase and reveals why we often self-sabotage and proven ways to overcome it, even in the face of multiple setbacks. He doesn’t sugarcoat the steps needed. A book like this when studied and applied can shave years off the learning curve.

In this power-packed book Richard Brooke also explores:

*How we can fine-tune and tap into the infinite storehouse of creativity within our mind

*The importance that motivation plays when combined with goal-setting to produce lasting change

*The core reasons why our belief structures will either make or break us

*The difference between vision and goals and why you must have a clear idea of where you intend to go

*Why you must find and discover your core values, gifts, and Life purpose on your success journey

*The four greatest lies of success and how to overcome them

Here’s a great excerpt from page 50:

“Most people have goal setting confused with desire. People think that if you write down all the things that you desire, that’s goal setting. It’s not. Everyone is a goal setter and a goal achiever, whether consciously or not. Goal setting only works when your goal becomes your MINDSET or EXPECTATION.” -Richard B. Brooke

If it tells you anything, my copy of this book is marked up, dog eared and has already been read twice. I’ve put into action two key components shared in the book and am excited to put them into my own life journey. Yes, I’m a big fan of this book and highly recommend it~!


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