When it comes to helping farmers do their jobs better, I have a client in the Midwest that understands this skill like few others. For over 30-years GreenMark Equipment based in Holland, Michigan has been one of the leading John Deere dealerships within the Midwest. Their continued growth and expansion in such a competitive industry speaks volumes about their commitment to being the best.

As fellow speaker and author Tony Robbins says, “Success leaves clues.” He’s spot on and I see it all the time and particular with many clients I work with to help gain Mind Capture. I can tell you that after having worked with GreenMark and their entire staff of over 300+ associates during the last year and a half that they do many things well to make sure customers come back again and again.

Here are three things, in particular, I’ve noted that they do well with customers and staff:

#1: They focus heavily on continuing training for everyone in the organization

#2: Keeping an eye on the overall customer experience is a top priority not just with John Deere corporate, but also with GreenMark’s ownership team

#3: They continually look for ideas and suggestions from customers and staff to help grow and improve their business

I point out these three things in particular as it’s both instructive and good for businesses to understand, model, and apply within their own industry. We must never forget that great customer service and having competent and well trained employees are two critical elements that must exist to help insure that referrals and repeat business continue both now and into the future.

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