I watched the NEW Tony Robbins documentary on Netflix this past weekend. Frankly, it was not what I expected which was a surprise. I’ve been around Tony’s books and teaching for a long time and first met him 20-years ago at an event hosted by the Success Club in Grand Rapids, MI.

Up front, I will tell you that I like Tony’s wisdom and what he’s done to introduce myself and millions of people to the life-changing world of personal development. I’m not his pitch man, nor do I get paid for referring his work to others, I am also a fan of his teaching and philosophy.

The new documentary titled I am Not Your Guru is a professionally filmed and edited 2-hour movie. The film is however, not for everyone. It tackles life and change in a real, raw, and direct way. I commend the director and Tony for not sugar coating how tough change can be. Not only does director Joe Berlinger interview Tony up close and personal, he has unfettered access filming attendees and the various interventions performed throughout the event.

In a super sensitive, PC society, I guarantee, that many people will dislike the language and tough topics he hits head-on during the course of the 7-day Date with Destiny session attended by 2500 people in late 2014 at $4995 per person. I say this because the topics and stories shared are raw and uncensored. They aren’t scripted and how Robbins handles each of the people selected from the audience is fascinating to observe and frankly shows that he is very good at getting to the core problem of what holds most people back who feel unfulfilled or down.

There are three key takeaways I picked up after watching the film:

#1: We either design a life of significance or we drift along often times unhappy and settling for average

#2: Goal setting and how to create positive energy are two things rarely taught or applied in today’s cynical and jaded society

#3: The thoughts we think and the questions we ask shape our destiny

So, if you aren’t scared of the F-word, and are prepared to bring an open mind, I’m confident you’ll pick up several new distinctions that will make you examine your life and others around you in a whole new way.

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