The Lost Art of Customer Service

Last week I was fortunate to teach one of my favorite sessions in the Mind Capture catalog, Exceptional Mind Capture Customer Service. My client, in the mortgage industry, continues to win new business and positive word-of-mouth in a tough business for one key reason: they practice and exemplify customer service with their clients day in and day out.

It’s often both entertaining and eye-opening when I share the importance of customer service with groups. I believe it’s become a lost art that costs companies millions of dollars daily in BOTH referrals and repeat business. With the current booming economy the last few years, exceptional and consistent customer service are hard to find. Here’s a key reason why: apathy. Most employees and organizations are “Half-Assing It” and getting by with the bare minimum when it comes to dealing with customers.

Here are a five reasons why customer service is tanking these days:

  1. People are busy and will often tolerate average service vs. looking around
  2. With the challenge of finding consistent employees, employers are tolerating average or poor employee attitudes and performance
  3. Too many businesses lack leadership and training systems to insure that customer service is given the priority it deserves whether the economy is doing well or not
  4. The continual cop out and excuses about being too busy to train the employees
  5. Apathy and taking customers time and business for granted

In my next blog post, I’ll share with you a few ways to combat poor customer service with what I’ve dubbed as the 10 Mind Capture Customer Service Commandments.


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