This past weekend I grabbed from my book shelf one of my favorite works from the late David Schwartz titled, The Magic of Getting What You Want, which he wrote in 1983. While best known for his classic, The Magic of Thinking Big, I still find this follow up book to be a lost gem that is often overlooked by students of personal development.

As I tore into the book again I couldn’t help but notice just how good it is, but also how far ahead he was in his thinking about surplus, prosperity, and the power of a positive mindset. Right out of the gate he talks about why we should think more about having more and never letting go of our dreams. Here’s a great excerpt from this amazing book.

Every business, every building, highway, school, church, house –everything- absolutely everything, is a dream before it becomes a reality. Super cautious people never achieve because they are afraid to dream about what they want to accomplish. 

Suppose Wernher von Braun had listened to the people who laughed at his ambitions to put men on the moon? Or suppose Henry Ford had followed the counsel of his closest associates and not tried to build a car everyone could afford?

 Dreams come in all sizes and types. Many people are unable to dream of overcoming a serious ailment. And they don’t. Others with the same problem dream they can and health returns. Some people in very ordinary jobs can’t visualize themselves as moving into management. And they don’t. Other ordinary workers see themselves as someday occupying key jobs and they do.

 You see, when life is boiled down to its essentials, we find that dreams are the raw material of reality. The next time someone tells you that you are foolish to dream, analyze that person, and you’ll probably find that he or she is mediocre, achieving next to nothing, unadmired, and not the kind of person you would like to be.

 Now we all need advice. But accept it only from people who believe in the miraculous power of dreams.

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