“The day that turns your life around.”-Jim Rohn

Like the above quote, one of those days for me was April 26th, 1995 in Grand Rapids. Michigan when I was fortunate to spend a day with the late, great business philosopher, Jim Rohn. The title of his session was, “The Making of a Leader.”

I came across my saved workbook with my notes from that fateful day, last week when I was organizing my office. I couldn’t resist opening it up and for the next 10-minutes I was amazed at the wisdom he imparted for us. I had 12-pages of hand-written notes. It was interesting to see what’s stuck with me 22-years later and what advice I need to go back and revisit.

With it being back to school season, I thought it would be appropriate to share with you seven key takeaways from Jim’s teaching on that fateful day in 1995.

#1: “To change destination, you need a new direction. You can change direction overnight.”

#2: “You cannot change people. People can change themselves.”

#3: “Cynicism closes all doors. This will wreck it all. Get rid of it and replace it with thanksgiving.”

#4: “Self-investment leads to fortune. Self-preservation leads to mediocrity.”

#5: “Let worry alarm you, not conquer you.”

#6: “Don’t lead a lazy life.”

#7: “You need good plans. Commit your ideas to paper. Write down your game plan for life.”

Jim Rohn shared his message with more than 6,000 audiences and over 5 million people all over the world. He received numerous industry awards including the coveted National Speakers Association CPAE Award and the Master of Influence Award. Jim’s philosophies and influence continue to have worldwide impact. For more information visit: JimRohn.com.

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