Mass advertising and messaging are losing both credibility and effectiveness for a variety of reasons which I described in the third Mind Capture book as persuasion nets shape our own BS Meter in relation to marketing messages.

Here are six additional reasons it’s of key importance to customize your communications to help you get Mind Capture with your marketing messages:

#1. The ability to niche market messages is becoming much easier to pull off

#2. The customer of today is becoming more and more resistant to mass messaging due to time shifting and new tools created specifically to filter out ads – think Netflix, podcasts, YouTube, etc.

#3. People are burned out and even offended by marketers that are woefully still trying to cram a square message into a round hole

#4. In the age of free content, information, and a sea of competing choices, people’s expectations and appetite for customized solutions are quickly becoming the norm

#5. If you don’t differentiate and add value – perceived or real – you risk losing profit margins and move into the realm of becoming a commodity in your marketplace

#6. In a tightening economy, people are more price sensitive, pickier, and often waiting longer to make decisions in the selection process

Marketing legend Dan Kennedy (The guy in the picture with me) describes the marketing process with the following simple, yet brilliant statement:

“Marketing is getting the right message to the right people via the right media and methods.”

In my next blog post, I’ll share with you five smart ways to customize and make your communications memorable. Top marketer’s use these techniques to build Mind Capture with people in an ever increasingly noisy and saturated media universe.

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