WAYMISH by Ray Constantine, Ted Cohn, Lee Tomlinson and Chris Considine. The acronym for the book title means, Why Are You Making It SO Hard Hard…for me to give you money? This book is loaded with not only great tips to improve relationships with customers, but also powerful stories that help share with the reader what to avoid when dealing with customer service and unhappy customers.

Under the Cover

Here are a few additional areas covered in this wonderful book:

  • How to avoid having a customer say, “I’m never coming back here again!”
  • Effective strategies to help build and foster customers for life
  • What to do with unhappy customers to not only win them back, but improve your overall business
  • 30 customer service phrases to avoid saying at all costs that cost businesses a fortune
  • How to build a culture of respect in your company to not improve not only morale, but at the same time, help to foster excellent customer service
  • Six ways to keep customers and not lose them

This book should not just be required by ALL employees, regardless of title, but it should also be used and referenced on a continual basis to help make the ideas and strategies stick within smart, customer-focused businesses and organizations.


“Arrogance is the cardinal sin of service.”

-Page 10, WAYMISH

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