The Success Principles by Jack Canfield is a book I re-read each year. It is that good! This powerful little gem of a book helps me focus and hone my skills and mindset to improve, not only my business, but also my personal life.

I picked up this book up when it first released back in 2005 and was also fortunate to meet Jack and hear him present on it at an event in June of the same year. To say I liked this book would be a massive understatement. My original copy is dog eared, highlighted, and full of notes that I used to guide and push me along when I first read it 10-years ago. I can say without a doubt that this book was a key driver to helping me launch my business the same year.

Yesterday, I pulled my trusted copy of this classic down from my office book shelf for my annual review of the book as we are now in the month of June. This is a book so loaded with wisdom and proven ‘how-to’ strategies that I go back to it annually.

Under the Cover

Here is just a small sample of the topics covered in this classic book:

  • Why taking 100% responsibility for your life is the key to success
  • The power of belief and being open to think bigger than you’ve ever imagined
  • How to reject rejection and keep pushing on towards your goal
  • The power of mentors and coaches to guide you along faster and with greater success
  • Why the ability to ask is of monumental importance in goal achievement
  • Why top achievers learn more to earn more
  • When to say no to others and do it in a way without offending or feeling bad

This book is on my ‘Top 10’ all-time favorites. I strongly encourage you to go and get the updated version and prepare to have your mind and outlook on life expanded in a way that you may have forgotten could be even possible. If you’re going to model one of the best, Jack and the wisdom contained in this book is a great way to get started!


Here is one of my favorite quotes from The Success Principles by Jack Canfield

“In any business or profession, once you have paid the price to establish yourself as an expert, a person of integrity who delivers high quality results on time, you get to reap the benefits of that for the rest of your life.”
-Jack Canfield, pg. 172

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