Sex Money Kiss by Gene Simmons. As the founder of Rock and Roll Hall of Fame band KISS, Gene Simmons’s, amazing story and book should be required reading for ALL entrepreneurs. Not only was I floored at how entertaining it was when I first read it a few years ago, but the amazing life and business lessons contained within its pages are a reason why I reread it every couple of years.

I will tell you that having met Gene and watching him speak at a business conference 7-years ago in Nashville was not only an incredible experience, but that it also opened my eyes to what a brilliant entrepreneur he is. The book takes a look at the rise of his band KISS and how he built them from not just a typical rock and roll band, but more importantly into a global rock and roll brand!

Under the Cover

Here are a few other areas Simmons explores in the pages of this eye-opening gem:

  • Why America is still the land of opportunity
  • The value of hard-work and mentorship
  • Why betting on your own self is still the smartest move you can make
  • The power of persistence and life-long learning
  • Why associations are of high importance to a successful life
  • The impact that marketing has on the success or demise of a career or business


Here’s a great quote from the book on page 75:

“Life, when you are a winner, is about achieving. More. Not less. A winner never rests on his laurels. A winner only rests when you stick him six feet under.”  

 –Gene Simmons

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