The Seven Decisions, by Andy Andrews. I’ll admit I’m a big fan of Andy’s writing. I was blessed to have interviewed him many years ago and he was not only smart, but a wonderful down to Earth person. He walks the talk and this book proves it.

In the book Andrews combs through his many interviews with successful people both alive and those who’ve passed on to discover key characteristics that make them super successful. A few of the Decisions he identifies as his seven include choosing to be happy, choosing to take action and choosing to always seek wisdom and knowledge. I won’t reveal the other four as I highly encourage you to go and pick up a copy of the book to learn more.

Under the Cover

In The Seven Decisions, Andrews also shares:

  • Several key stories that show how boldness and making a decision changed the course of history
  • An up-close look at several influential people as Bob Hope, Joan Rivers, to Stan Lee and Norman Vincent Peale and the direct wisdom they shared with Andrews about success and perseverance
  • The smile exercise and why it works so well
  • How to forgive yourself, drop resentment, guilt and shame and begin anew starting now
  • The lessons from rejection and how it propels you forward if you have the right mindset
  • Why faith and persistence are such a powerful combination
  • How times of calamity and distress have produced many of the greatest people


Here’s a great quote on page 139 from this incredibly profound book:

“Forgive yourself. Begin anew. The simple act of forgiving yourself will change your life! You will be positioned to become the person you want to be when you finally ditch the weight of guilt and shame you’ve been piling on for years.”
– Andy Andrews


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