Reinvent Yourself by James Altucher. In his latest book, serial entrepreneur and power blogger, Altucher gets down and dirty about why reinventing yourself and upgrading your skills daily is no longer an option, but a smart move to achieve greater happiness in today’s bullet speed digital world. He comes out swinging in the first few pages discussing the intimate details of a disturbing and frank conversation he had on a flight with a high-level former government official. The official shares with him in cryptic detail what’s really going on behind the scenes with the global economy, how the game is really played up top, and how it’s continuing to level the shrinking middle class. If this doesn’t get your attention, skip this book. It gets better.

Altucher shares not gloom, after the opening few pages, but rather a rare look at optimism and possibility to not only enjoy life and work more, but also, stay ahead and have fun at the same time. I’ll warn you: the book is not a paint by numbers, logical, boring business book. It’s eccentric. Daring. A little odd. Engaging. Real. Valuable. Based on his many years as a successful and colossal failure in the world of being a serial entrepreneur, he lays out the lessons learned from both success and failure. For that, I like this book even more. No sugar coating. Straight from the hip advice and wisdom.

While I don’t agree with everything in the book, there is a LOT more that I do think is spot on. However, that’s for you to decide. Here are a few other areas discussed in this timely and provocative book:

Under the Cover

  • Why you should have multiple mentors and where to find them
  • How to find your calling and
  • The power of taking action, messing up, and the lessons learned from it
  • Leadership lessons from a notorious drug dealer
  • The power of going broke and getting back up again
  • How to be okay with not knowing and still getting started on something new
  • Effective ways to manage fear and use it to your advantage


Here’s a great quote from page 118:

“It’s hard living the life you want. It requires determination and strength and wisdom and fearlessness. And those things are all difficult things.” – James Altucher

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