My Next Step – An Extraordinary Journey of Healing and Hope by Dave Liniger. After having spent a week with the fine folks with RE/MAX of Georgia I went back through the book review archives and found a review I did for this book almost 4-years ago. As the founder of one of the world’s largest real estate firms, RE/MAX LLC, I was drawn into the wisdom Dave shared, but more so the grace and gratitude he displayed and shared towards others after his life-threatening illness within the pages of his timeless book.

Dave’s story and the many ups and downs he experienced are not only inspiring, but also serves as a true testament to the point that when we face adversity in life it’s often our mental attitude that shapes whether we get better or bitter from the experience. Looking back now, Dave frankly should’ve been dead when he went into a 4-month coma and awakened paralyzed. Fast forward to 2017 and he’s not only back, but doing better than most in the medical community thought would ever be possible.


Here’s a great quote from the book that will give you a small taste of the lessons it contains:

“There were so many people fighting to keep me alive, giving of themselves in unimaginable ways, and all I was thinking about now was giving up. ‘That makes you the worst kind of hypocrite. If you give up now, you will wash away forty years of delivering speeches to tens of thousands of people, encouraging them to never give up, to deal with whatever obstacles have been put in their way, to find the courage to face those obstacles head on! Screw it. I won’t quit. Not now, not ever!”
– Dave Liniger

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