The Magic by Rhonda Byrne. I picked this book up a few years ago and it immediately captured my ‘Mind’ as it arrived just when I needed it. While its author, Rhonda Byrne, is best known for her first book, the global phenomenon, The Secret, I can honestly say that I think this book is much better. It not only drills deeper, but has many excellent exercises one can do to improve their life and mental well-being.

After reading it again this week I was struck by how many gems of wisdom had stuck with me and how many things I’d forgotten. Going through the book again made me realize just how good it is and that reviewing at least once a year would be a good thing to do.

Under the Cover

Here are just a few of the things you’ll discover in the pages of the book, The Magic:

  • The power of counting your blessings and not your problems
  • How to achieve magical relationships and employ forgiveness
  • Simple, yet effective ways to set goals and get started on them right away
  • How to attract better people, situations and opportunities into your life
  • Why positive thinking and gratitude are the magic combination to greater happiness
  • Effective ways to deal with setbacks in life and how to keep moving forward


Here’s a great quote from the book on page 15:

“Gratitude can magically turn your relationships into joyful and meaningful relationships, no matter what state they are in now.”   – Rhonda Byrne

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