This week’s selection is The Magic of Believing by Claude Bristol. I pulled this classic off the book shelf recently and looked at the notes in the margin I made within its pages. As I go back through and read it again this week, several observations jumped out at me as to why this book is such a timeless and important read.

With the constant amount of bad news that surrounds us on any given day, I’m a true believer that we must carefully monitor what we watch and consume in our mental diets, but more importantly make it a daily habit to study success and personal development. I’ve noted in the past that when I’ve strayed from this productive habit that the first hit I take is with my attitude. I begin to get pulled off course, or “drift” as the late Napoleon Hill would say. We become that which we most think about and those whom we associate with. This is hard for many to see, yet it is a timeless principle that all high-achievers understand and practice on a consistent basis.

Under the Cover

Here are a few key takeaways from this marvelous book:

  • Why belief is of the highest importance in the success process
  • The power of faith in one’s own ability to take action versus waiting and making excuses
  • How top performers and achievers use visualization to take ideas and turn them into reality
  • Why focused, uninterrupted thinking is of such value, especially in todays sped up digital world
  • What all great leaders have in common the lessons learned


Here’s a great quote on page 91:

“I know what it means to lose loved ones, but I have also learned that it is necessary to close the door on yesterday and keep it closed. We live today, not yesterday.” – Claude Bristol

About the author: Claude Bristol (1891-1951) is best known for book is The Magic of Believing, published in 1948, which sold over a million copies, and is widely regarded as a prosperity classic. Bristol’s The Magic of Believing has inspired many people throughout the 60+ plus years since it was written, from all walks of life, from salespeople to performers, and from housewives to politicians. The book was about achieving goals through mental visualization, and using faith as a means of drawing the people, circumstances and opportunities together to make it happen.

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