Hero by Rhonda Byrne. Best known for the mega-bestselling book The Secret. This book looks at a broad range of current and highly successful leaders ranging from Pete Carrol, head coach of the NFL’s Seattle Seahawks, world champion surfer Laird Hamilton, to business visionaries John Paul DeJoria (John Paul Mitchell Systems) and Paul Orfalea, Founder of Kinko’s.

The book’s main core is driven from the teachings of the late historian Joseph Campbell who described the classic call of the hero and their journey to significance throughout mythology and history. Byrne does a wonderful job of pulling insights from a diverse and unique set of modern day heroes who reveal how they pushed on despite setbacks and critics. I’m a big fan of this type of work as it not only motivates, but also reveals the mindset and steps many of them took to achieve their success long before they became well-known.

Under the Cover

A few other areas discussed in Byrne’s new book include:

  • Why clarity and strong vision are so important on the hero’s journey
  • What high-achievers do differently when facing difficulty and adversity
  • The power of listening to our inner voice or ‘calling’ on the journey of life
  • Why acting now on your big goals and dreams versus delaying is not only smart but healthy too
  • The illusion of security and how it knocks so many people off course with what they really could and should be pursuing
  • The power of service and giving back to others along the way
  • Why you should as the late Joseph Campbell “Follow your Bliss” versus settling

Having read all of Byrne’s books this latest is a welcome addition to any success library.


Here’s a great quote from page 93

“Blame, resentment, whining, and complaining are excuses we make when we’re not living the life we came here to live.”
– Rhonda Byrne

About the author: Rhonda Byrne began her journey with the global hit film, The Secret. The book sold over 20 million copies. Rhonda continued her groundbreaking work with The Power in 2010, also a New York Times bestseller.

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