Fearless by Steve Chandler. I’ve been a fan of Steve’s work for a few years now and here’s why: he’s real, authentic, and pretty funny at the same time. I’ve read countless books on motivation and his work always brings a fresh perspective as he’s also a master storyteller. His unique perspective from the field as a success coach, sales trainer, and single parent blend into a rich tapestry that always makes for a great read.

This book is also an annual must read for me because it looks at the highs and lows of life and the many lessons we can pick up if we bring an open mind.

Under the Cover

Here are a few of the gems contained in this incredible book:

  • How to deal with fear and reimagine how to solve it
  • Why self-reflection is such a powerful way to not only create but also to help when dealing with challenges
  • Why self-help is important to become addicted to in a world loaded with sarcasm and doubt
  • The power of music and art to help us create and also innovate
  • The lessons contained in failure that we all face in life
  • Why a mind that is open will often shift towards solutions and happiness


Here’s a great quote from the book on page 15:
“When people think their problem is time management, it is not. Time itself cannot be managed. The problem here is boldness. The problem is the courage to say no to the things that distract your simplest journey.”
–Steve Chandler

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