Enthusiasm Every Day, by Mark Gleason. I’ve known Mark for many years and was always impressed by his hustle and fun attitude be brings to the hyper competitive real estate industry. A key ingredient to this is his positive attitude. On many occasions, the last few years he shared with me that he was working on writing a book. I’m blessed to be around a lot of teachers, and writers and anytime they commit to putting their knowledge and wisdom into book form I always encourage and push them to do it. Writing a book isn’t easy, so when someone puts in the time and effort to do it, I applaud them regardless of the topic or viewpoints expressed.

When I discovered a couple weeks ago that his new book was ready I immediately called him and said, “Get me a copy please.” I’m pleased to report that when I returned to Michigan early this week a signed copy awaited me upon arrival. What I enjoy most about this book is that Mark took his favorite quotes he’s gleaned and created over the years and put them into a daily journal format for the entire year. I look at his book as a daily dose of both enthusiasm and inspiration.

Under the Cover

In Enthusiasm Every Day, Mark shares several incredible nuggets of wisdom. Here are a few I really enjoyed:

“If you are waiting for all the stars to align and for everything to become fair in your life, you have chosen a long line to wait in.”

“Comfort zones are like guard rails on life’s highway. You need to keep your distance, if your plan is to keep moving forward.”

“Lacking the ability to look forward, toward forgiveness, forces us backward into blame, where excuses keep us from the present.”

“The world and its people are beautiful. Beyond description. Too bad so many people are blind to it.”

About the Author

About the author: Mark Gleason began his career selling suckers, snakes, junk, houses, land, condos, advice, and now his writings. A REALTOR for more than thirty years, he speaks to groups around the country. He and his wife, Kim, live in West Michigan, and have three daughters. For more information visit: soldbygleason.com

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