The Dynamic Laws of Prosperity by Catherine Ponder. I’m a big fan of what I call. Lost Classics, or books that were released before 1995. I choose 1995 as it was the year the Internet burst on the scene and made access to current a past knowledge a reality. I was shopping at my local book store a couple of weeks ago and this book literally jumped off the shelf. The title was direct and it grabbed my attention.

While the book was originally released back in 1962 I found it to be relevant and valuable for today. The author’s lifetime study, successful use of the principles, and many years of teaching the material also made it worth my time to invest in reading. Don’t let the date fool you. Many of the prosperity laws she outlines date back to Biblical times and are still in use to this day by hundreds of thousands of people throughout the world.

Under the Cover

In the Dynamic Laws of Prosperity, the author reveals:

  • The power of visualization on a daily basis when seeking the achievement of goals
  • The false belief that poverty is spiritual or divine
  • Many of the backward societal norms about money that keep most people broke and unhappy
  • How success and achievement start in the mind long before they physically appear
  • Why discipline and concentration are important on the path to wealth
  • Several ancient wealth traditions that are still relevant today
  • Why you must guard your mind, associations and ideas from negative thoughts and people


Here’s a great quote from page 91:

“You should always give others the benefit of only good mental images. Often life’s results are the difference between constructive and destructive mental images that you entertain for yourself and others.” -Catherine Ponder

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