The Closers – Part 2 by Ben Gay III. Ben’s book series, The Closers, has sold over 5,000,000 copies. That alone should tell you something. Here’s what I enjoyed most about the second book in the series: Ben reveals some of his favorite stories and wisdom from his 50+ year career in the sales industry.

In addition, the level of people he’s studied with and influenced over the years is simply mind-boggling. I have read a lot of sales books, and this one is frankly right near the top and I am glad I came across not just his book, but the amazing wisdom he graciously shares with the reader. Get this book, read it, apply it, and watch your sales take on a whole new level you might have never thought possible.

Under the Cover

Here are a few more tips and insights covered in this classic book from master salesman, Ben Gay III:

  • What true sales pros do differently and the lessons learned
  • Why focusing on benefits, not features, is the key to sales mastery
  • How to deal with sales rejection
  • Why the use of stories is so important
  • The power of sales infiltration that produces extraordinary success
  • Dealing with price concerns and selling value


Here’s some incredible wisdom from page 5:

“No one wants to hear the truth about how the very best professional salespeople got there and stay there, but here it is. They have continued to learn. They pick up a piece here and there. They read books. They listen to tapes. They go to the seminar. They take notes. They try new ideas and discard old ones. They are constantly growing, learning, and evolving. And they’ve come to understand that there is absolutely no graduation day for a true professional salesperson.”

 –Ben Gay III

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